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The safe and legal transportation of heavy cargo and water filtration equipment is no easy task. When handling some of the most massive pieces of machinery built, a set loading, transportation, and unloading protocol is not only a best practice — it's the only practice. We believe preparation is the key to ensure a safe delivery and unloading free of accidents. An inspection of the truck or trailer is conducted including:


  • Tires: The tire condition and pressure are checked, understanding the toll on tire pressure due to heavy load transports.

  • Lights: Front and back lights must be in working condition.

  • Brakes: Your oversize load affects the breaking abilities. Our operators confirm all brake functions and components are in good condition.

  • Tie-Down Points: We follow the state recommended minimum number of tie-down points for load based on weight, each with its own binder or boomer and individual chains connected to trailer hitch points.

  • Weight: Our drivers confirm the tie-down working load limits add up to equal at least half the weight of your load.


Orion & Associates Trucking Solutions offers the following solutions:

  • Full or partial fleet conversion

  • On-site management

  • Synergies through network overlay process

  • Transport and delivery updates 

What makes O&A Trucking Solutions different?

We are not simply a dispatch service, we have a hands-on approach to managing hauls, ensuring up-to-the-minute communications with both drivers and our clients. The difference is that we care. “Communication is key. We make every customer feel confident in trusting us to handle their cargo, delivering on our promises.”  -Orion Sewell, Founder | COO

O&A Trucking Solutions has experience in the process of loading heavy, oversized water filers and transporting those filters in the safest most expedient manner.

We are dedicated to providing 

on-time, professional service.

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